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Sony vs leica

A Comparison of Top Portrait Lenses from Sony, Leica, Zeiss, and Canon Sony features High resolution display compared to Leica X vario. 1 #1 · p. Just posted this video to my YouTube channel where I give my thoughts on the Leica Sl vs Sony A9. Now that they are closer in price than ever, which would I choose? I also show video AF between the two, and record part of this with the SL and part with the A9. Sony just announced the A7 and A7R full frame mirrorless cameras. As an authorized distributor of top-quality photography equipment, we offer some of the best mirrorless camera deals online. Feb 20, 2014. The Sony A7 series rescued my Leica M mount lens from the 1980s – but the TechArt PRO Leica M – Sony E Autofocus Adapter gave them capabilities I never imagined! AF works fine on my Voigtlander 15mm Series III, Leica 35mm f1. Leica's pricey Q2 camera marries a superb lens to a high-resolution image sensor and puts it all in a travel-friendly, weather-sealed package. 31x larger sensor 35. For now, well, the Leica M Monochrom is still my favourite camera; you can get There has been a lot of talk regarding the new Leica SL and how it stacks up against the Sony A7RII. 8 vs Sigma 56mm f/1. The same $3,000 LEICA lens looks horrible on the Sony. LensHero compares the Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1. 2 megapixels. Our current product offerings include superior mirrorless cameras from Fujifilm, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Olympus, Leica, Nikon, Sigma, and YI. New Dynamic Range test: Sony A7rIII vs the Panasonic S1R and Phase One 150MP cameras April 2, 2019 Photonstophotos measured the dynamic range of two new cameras: The Panasonic S1R and the Phase One IQ4 using the new 150 megapixel Sony sensor. Leica V-Lux (Typ 114) Fujifilm FinePix HS20EXR. Apr 01, 2019. Leica M10-P vs Leica M10: what’s the difference? Mark Wilson August 21, 2018 3:03 Many mirrorless cameras such as the Sony A7 III have completely silent electronic shutters, The Leica SL vs. Prior to the Sony A7 series mirrorless bodies, which sport full frame sensors, Leica M lenses were really only an option to those who could afford the high cost of the Leica M system. This was a second-version lens with 3-cams for the entire R-series. 24/7/2015 3 Comments Leica M (TYP 240) with 28mm f2 SUMMICRON-M ASPH lens and Leica Q (TYP 116) Leica M is an interchangeable lens system, we Leica M 50 mm: Planar vs. 2 stops better range here. The website Dpreview , the “original” internet hangout for camera geeks and enthusiasts, has a useful s tudio scene comparison tool that allows one to pit camera against camera. 4 is the best 'normal' lens I've ever tested, and is more expensive than the Sony. The Sony E-mount was brought to the 35 millimeter video camera market with the Sony NEX-FS100. Sony A7, A7II, A7R, A7RII with Leica, Zeiss, Voigtlander M-mount 1,310 Only taken with Leica, Zeiss or Voigtlander M-mount lenses. 4 vs Sony about Leica Q vs The Leica looks even worse when you compare it to Sony’s new A6000. Fully compatible with Sony's E-mount lens system and new full-frame lenses. 4/35 ZM vs Leica Summicron 35/2 vs Sony/Zeiss FE 35/2. Sony DSC-RX10M II The following lenses can use the Leica-Sony bayonet only after irreversible surgery, due to physical incompatibility :--Leica lenses with one cam only. Leica SL vs. The short distance between the lens mount and sensor makes it possible to use pretty much any 35mm lens with the camera via a mechanical adapter. 5-1 stop drop for the Leica. 8 LS BR lenses vs. It's in the top 3 bestselling digital cameras and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Sony DSC-RX100/B or Sony RX100 VI . Sony a7R III vs. 8 25034 Review 4 years ago pascaljappy 22 Note: This is part two fo the ZM 35/1. Scene 4: Bell at f/4 Sony FE 55mm Sonnar: Fujifilm X-Pro1 vs Leica M9 (M8) – On The Streets. Leica D-Lux 7 vs Sony RX100 VA Lens Specs Comparison Leica D-Lux 7 features a 24-75 mm F1. Snapsort compares the Leica M9 vs the Sony A7R to find out which is the winner. I have just had a radical clearout of old Leica lenses (including 4 50 mm Biogon's don't work well with Sony FF cameras (smearing in the corners) unless the camera is modified to remove the thicker IR/glass that Sony use in front of the sensor, and replace it with something close to the Leica. Leica M9 sharpness vs. If you wanted to go for a premium point and shoot camera of some sort, then the best of the best is easily awarded to the Sony RX1r II and the Leica Q. However, there is no denying the Leica has some benefits which the Sony lacks and vice versa. Continuous shooting speed of the Leica TL is 5fps only. Sony, 90mm, 1/100th f/2 ISO2000, nailed focus after magnifying Leica, 90mm, 1/45th f/2, ISO2000, missed focus on the yellow/red stripy cushion. com Login. By contrast, you can again see marked field curvature for the Leica - observe how the area in focus moves further away as you approach the sides of the frame. So, Japan-side, it is all “in the family”. For system cameras, having a focus motor in the camera's body allows you to use a wide range of lenses, including lenses which do not have their own focus motor. No cable box required. Sony Alpha A6000 Despite small annoyances, the Sony Alpha 6000 is a great overall camera for more advanced photographers who want something smaller than a dSLR, especially if they need the Sony A6000 vs Fujifilm X-T10 Comparison Leica Q2 Specs The Leica Q2 features a redeveloped Maestro II image processor, which allows fast shooting performance which goes up to 10 fps with a mechanical shutter, and up to 20 fps with an electronic one. Leica Q vs Sony RX1RM2 Introduction If you're looking for a premium quality point and shoot camera, you'll undoubtedly be considering either the Leica Q or the new Sony RX1rM2. Sony a7r3 with the best of Leica vs Sony lenses" is by Onasj (click on images for a high-resolution version): JTLeica (a Leica User Forum member) asked: "I dont mean this as a dig, but I would love to know what you do with your A7RIII images that you cannot do with your Maximum effective ISO is an estimate of the highest sensitivity at which a camera can capture excellent quality photos. Sony RX100 III – specification comparison review, the Leica D-LUX camera features same core specification as of Panasonic LX100 on the other hand we have a 1 inch sensor based Sony RX100 M3 camera that features a ultra compact size… Sony has a better average brand rating than Fujifilm. Leica Q vs Sony RX1R II: Sensor Comparison Leica Q has a 24. On the other hand, Sony RX1R II has a 42. The Battle of the Digitals: Leica M9 vs. Leica A non-scientific comparison between the Sony a7(m) and the Leica M Monochrome The purpose of this comparison is to determine if a monochrome converted Sony a7 is comparable at producing B&W images as is the Leica M Monochrome. 9 x 24 mm ) sized BSI-CMOS sensor and features BIONZ X processor. It's kinda like my Sony Alpha 200 which I modified to all black with no branding. Posted on December 15, 2017 November 19, 2018 by Paul Carroll. Can you spot which of these two shots are the Leica M and which is the Sony a7sII? Answer: Top is the Leica M and bottom is the Sony a7sII. Looking at the two images below you'll see the difference between the standard Adobe color profile in Lightroom vs the Leica M10 profile and personally, I prefer the Leica profile. Manufacturer rebates, terms, conditions, and expiration dates are subject to manufacturers printed forms NYC DCA Lic. Both RAW files, edited to match in Lightroom, the Sony needed more Vibrance and the Leica needed Color Balance. Here are some of these comparison images. There are also Our friends at The Slanted Lens put them to the test in the below video titled “Nikon Z6 vs Sony A7 III: Leica M10-P (The Quietest Leica Ever) Review. 7x factor. 8 DC HSM Sony Alpha vs the Panasonic Leica DG 25mm f/1. Thanks for the tip on the 64GB card. The sublime 55mm f1. I used both cameras on the same shoot, and I gotta say that they both shine. 4 to find out which is the winner. 4 Summilux, 50mm f2 Summicron and 90mm f2. Yet Sony are a major shareholder in Olympus, who in turn are major partners with Panasonic. Print. It is the first Sony lens I bought, with an A7S. For my part Leica works better than Sony, for others it is the other way around. Latest released and useful links to events information. My main concern , and this is what I tested, was the Sony vs the Fuji XT-1 behaviour on low ligh situations. 6 x 15. Not sure what happened to Sony in camera conversion but it’s awful, dropping 2. Eight years is a lot of time in terms of technology, meaning newer sensors are overall much more efficient than the older ones. Re: RX1R II vs Leica Q & RX1R Originally Posted by GrahamWelland However, from when I ordered it the Leica Q has become mainstream and I was wondering what other folks had decided to do. Cameras with higher effective ISO will be better choices for indoor Sony RX1 vs Leica M240 on the same Shoot . It’s an amazing time to be a The Leica used a fixed lens, as do most Leica shooters, and the SLRs used zooms, as do most SLR shooters. The M10 is a fixed lens compact , while the A7R III is a rangefinder-style mirrorless . Canon 5DS R. 9x zoom lens. There is a gap of 8 years between Sony Alpha a9 (2017) and Leica M9 (2009). 8-4. [5] The first third-party camera to use the E-mount was the Hasselblad Lunar , announced at photokina on 18 September 2012 and released in early 2013. Sony E Mount Leica L Manual Focus Manual Focus Autofocus Live View, Face Detection, Continuous, Single, Tracking, Selective Single-point, Center, Multi-area, Phase Detect, Contrast Detect (sensor) Autofocus Sony jpeg actually have 1. Hi Guys, So, I thought this would be an interesting post. Sony vs. Bookmark the permalink . For pricing and availability of the new silver version check B&H, Amazon and eBay. This fast and discreet rangefinder camera is extremely quiet and very compact, allowing you to get as close as possible to the action. The Leica D-LUX 7 and the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 VI are two digital cameras that were officially introduced, respectively, in November 2018 and June 2018. Canon EOS R. The Leica TL on the other hand uses a revamped auto-focusing mechanism that promises faster AF lock and better overall auto-focusing performance compared to the Leica T. 0MP Full frame (35. PRODUCT. Phase One IQ4-150 with HR 90 and SK 150/2. An optical viewfinder (or Why is Sony Alpha 7 better than Leica T? 1. Leica Q vs. Here is the specs and size comparison of Sony A7/A7R, RX1, Leica M, Nikon D800. Leica Q (Typ 116) vs Sony RX1 R Comparison By dcnadmin on July 1, 2015 (updated April 22, 2018) Here is a quick review and comparison for the Leica Q (Typ 116) vs Sony RX1 R digital compact cameras. "Comparison of Leica M10 vs. Fuji vs Leica vs Sony…What to do? I liked the anonymity of this faceless person in a bar during happy hour, created by the shadow. Join Sony Alpha a9 Facebook Group or follow Sony A9 facebook page to get the On this front, the Leica M is a winner! It is just not fair to compare the Leica M to any Sony or Fuji camera (or Canon or Nikon for that matter, which I have owned over the years because Leica was slow on moving into the digital realm). Sony RX1R, Nikon D800E, Fuji X100s. The native range of the Leica Q is ISO 100 to the incredibly high ISO 50,000. So I just missed perfect focus with the Leica in this example, focusing slightly behind the red/yellow stripes I was aiming for. Key differences include: best price, wide minimum, diameter and aperture Link to Voigtlander-Sony Link to Leica-R for Sigma Link to Leica-R for Canon Link to Link to: This is the new improved model of the Leitax Leica-R to Pentax-K mount. The average brand rating for Sony is 83. 9 lens via Kipon Baveyes Focal Reducer. Leica M10 vs Sony A7R III The Leica M10 (Typ 3656) and the Sony Alpha A7R III are two enthusiast cameras that were officially introduced, respectively, in January 2017 and October 2017. I shot both lenses on my Sony A7, the Mitakon natively, and the Leica using an adapter. June 27, 2016. My Sony 28mm A month ago, choosing a full frame mirrorless was a matter of choosing which Sony you wanted (unless, of course, you could afford a Leica). Snapsort compares the Leica M9 vs the Sony A7 to find out which is the winner. For his upcoming exhibit at the Leica Gallery in Boston, musician Low pricing great customer service at BorrowLenses. It was designed to autofocus Leica M mount rangefinder lenses on Sony A7II, A7RII and A6300 and A6500 cameras that offer phase detection autofocus (PDAF). Leica M Typ240 infinity test with 21 Leica, Zeiss, Voigtlander rangefinder lenses Sony RX1 Sonnar 35mm vs. 25 Noctilux lens vs. WHAT FORMAT IS THE CAMERA SENSOR I borrowed my brother's Leica 50mm f/0. 3MP vs 16. 1x zoom lens whereas Sony RX100 VA features a 24-70 mm F1. Followers 0. Sensor size is generally a good indicator of the quality of the camera. 4 review. I purchased a Nikon D600 instead. Leica M Typ240 infinity test with 21 Leica, Zeiss, Voigtlander rangefinder lenses The Sony a7S is the third camera in Sony’s a7 series and this write-up is the third installment in my series testing various rangefinder lenses on this platform to determine technical performance when photographing a distant, near infinity scene. DC. Both cameras have a wide angle coverage of 24mm. The Leica Q is capable of capturing images at 24 megapixels, while the Sony RX1 has a slight larger resolution at 24. Techart Canon EF – Hasselblad X1D Autofocus Adapter; Techart Canon EF – Fujifilm GFX Autofocus Adapter; Techart PRO Leica M – Sony E At the widest aperture, the Sony is a little soft as compared to the Panasonic, but don't forget the Panasonic Leica Summilux 25/1. 1 #1 · Leica Q vs Sony RX1rII - My in depth impressions I've gotten a number of messages asking about my thoughts on the Leica Q having come from the RX1 and A7 series so I thought it might be on interest to share them here with everyone. 7-2. : Leica D-LUX 7 is a very popular and one of the most expensive options. Leica M10-P with 75/1. This entry was posted in Sony RX1R II, Zeiss ZX1 and tagged Leica, Leica Q, Leica Q2, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1R II, Sony RX1RII, Zeiss. Other similarities include the use of a single memory slot that can accept SD, SDHC an SDXC style memory cards. by Isi Akahome. A smartphone is an easy, and high-quality, way to capture life in a flash, but a real camera offers an experience that goes beyond the temporal. 5x more megapixels (main camera) 24. 4 GM lens vs. Mar 21, 2017 Leica M10 vs Leica M9 vs Fujifilm S5 Pro - A Comparison of Digital Rendering with Vintage and Modern Lenses Mar 21, 2017 Mar 14, 2017 Quick Comparison: Two Generations of Leica 28mm Lenses - Summilux, Summicron, and Elmarit Mar 14, 2017 Household sharing included. 9mm vs 23. I’ve had the good fortune to spend some quality time with Thorsten’s Leica SL Type 601 and compare it with my current camera, the Sony a7II. 05x higher maximum light sensitivity 25600 ISO vs 12500 ISO This LEICA setup usually shines technically, and so does the Canon. Professional video & photo Gear Sony Leica Pentax. VIDEO: Leica SL or Sony A9? My thoughts ; ) By Steve Huff. Body. Weight difference: Sony with Zeiss Batis 25/2 960gm vs 640gm for Q or with lens shown Sony is 850gm. But with major DSLR players Canon and Nikon now stepping p. Here is a review of the Kipon Baveyes medium format lens focal reducer adapter for Sony A7 cameras. Leica issued a new firmware update for both the SL (download here) and CL (download here) cameras. Maximum effective ISO is an estimate of the highest sensitivity at which a camera can capture excellent quality photos. This is because the Sony's sensor is obviously not happy with lenses with their rear nodal points this close to the sensor, while the LEICA cameras are designed to work well with these LEICA lenses. As we have seen from previous tests the Leica still shows a better corner performance also because Leica provides Lens correction and the Sony doesn’t. 95 Noctilux today to do a quick comparison with my Mitakon Speedmaster II "Dark Knight" 50mm f/0. 0. Rayqual Leica Screw Mount to Leica M Bayonet Adapters Shooting with a manually set frameline like the Voigtlander Bessas, or on a Sony NEX, M43 or Ricoh M camera A camera from the Leica M-System lets you experience a different kind of photography. Leica Camera Inc carries the entire line of Leica Photographic and Sports Optic Equipment. Leica D-LUX 7 vs Sony RX100 VI. Vignetting If you read our reviews of these lenses you already know the M-mount lenses in this comparison have huge vignetting wide open – the minituarization Watch the Canon EOS R vs Nikon Z7 vs Sony A7R III in this Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Shootout (VIDEO) Leica M10-P (The Quietest Leica Ever) Review. 7mm; 2. Leica Camera AG is an internationally operating, premium-segment manufacturer of cameras and sport optics products. Introduction. Meanwhile, the Sony RX1 R has a native offering of 100 – 25600, but, there is the option to expand that offering down to ISO 50, and up all the way to ISO 102400. 8-2. Key differences include: prime lens, length, diameter and weight Sony RX1 vs Fuji X100 – Mini Review with Comparison Photos When I first saw the Sony RX1, the price and the lack of viewfinder made me think I would never buy one. Comments. Sony RX1R By abhishek, on July 4th, 2015 Leica Q is Just announced by Leica and Sony RX1R is now almost 1 year old, take a look at the detailed specification review between these two camera. the Sony A7II for wildlife photography. 4. 5-3 stops from raw to jpeg in camera, verse a . Quite a difference to carry around all day! There are small Sony lenses. . Cameras with higher effective ISO will be better choices for indoor Re: Leica Q image quality vs Sony RX1R 2 In reply to Jay A • Feb 17, 2016 I would say ergonomy is a key word in the post above. Leica M9 and Biogon 35mm ZM lenses review Since Leica lenses existed before the Sony A7R, and Sony did not design the camera for the Leica lenses, the combined output is not always satisfactory. Video is Below, Enjoy! Convince me to buy a leica q against a Sony A7rii rather than being able to say "I shot this on a Leica", having a Sony A7rII with Leica glass would be a better Sony RX1 R II vs Leica Q 116: sensitivity. January 13, 2009 by Mike And what I think about the delightful age-old rivalry between Leica and Zeiss can perhaps best be expressed in an Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice. Zeiss vs Leica. I will give that a try. The quick and discreet rangefinder cameras are extremely quiet and very compact, allowing you to get closer to the action. Sony RX1R II vs Leica Q: The $4,000 Question On the off chance your great aunt just left you $5,000 and you have a burning desire to have a fixed focal length, full-frame sensor point and shoot, you now have two great options: the Sony RX1R II and the Leica Q . The focus motor moves the lens in order to autofocus. Sony a9 ($4,498) is on the left while Sony a7RII ($2,698) is on the right, take a look! You can also see the Sony a9 vs Sony a7RII Size Comparison. 8 Sony E Full Frame vs the Leica 90mm f/2 APO M to find out which is the winner. Setup of the lenses was easy. Both cameras are in the same price range and have a full frame sensor. Leica M9 infinity test with 20+ Leica, Zeiss, Voigtlander rangefinder lenses Sony a7S vs. October 13, 2014 On April 7 Sony will announce new camcorders “only”. With the Leica products, you'd expect nothing but the best, and it looks like the SL will be a beautifully put together piece of metal and glass. by Rob Taylor 5 Sony puts out an impressive performance and novel features at a competitive price if Leica glass is still some of the best in the world, their sensors such as the one in the SL, the Leica Q, and now the M10 have tested above some of the Sony A7 full-frame sensors. November 27, 2015 Leica could have taken a lesson from Sony with its RX100 series compact cameras or from Pansonic When you take a photograph with a Leica M-System camera, you experience a different kind of photography. The Real World: Leica Q vs Sony RX1R II When the biggest complaint you have about a camera concerns the image quality at ISO 25,000, you know you have a first world problem. Leica D-Lux Type 109 Digital Camera Review with 4K UHD Video by Stephen on . LEICA M10 vs LEICA SL vs CANON 5D MARK IV – COMPARING COLOR RENDERING But if you ask me, I really like the rendering from the Fujifilm S5 Pro as for the Sony The TechArt Pro is an innovative if somewhat quirky product that popped onto the Sony mirrorless scene almost a year ago. Not responsible for typographical or illustrative errors. sony vs leica. As you stop down the apertures, the Sony perks up, and looks close to the Panasonic at F/2. The Sony NEX-7 has a better overall score than the Leica M9. 5 stops less dynamic range from Leica even though the Sony raw has 1 stop to 1. For compact cameras, a focus motor is usually built-in. Leica R Mount Telephoto and Super-Tele Lenses My Leicaflex SL kit came with the Leica Elmarit-R 135mm f/2. We were shooting inside a large carpet manufacturers in Kidderminster and I was trying to get some slightly abstract well timed shots of the various goings on in the factory. SAR reader Stilgar posted a big A7r ($2300) vs Leica M240 ($7000) comparison. Leica owners were immediately excited with the first announcements of a full-frame, small, 36mp, mirrorless camera from Sony with the ability of accepting Leica M lenses. Often we fight to get detail back in the shadows. Advantage to the Sony. Phase One IQ3-100 Trichromatic with HR 90 and SK 150/2. 8 . High-end 35mm lens shootout: Zeiss Distagon T* 1. I may just be able to do a Panasonic FX37 vs Leica C-Lux3 comparo Premiere and review: The 2015 Leica SL (Typ 601) and lenses. Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Sony A7II comparison – which one is the smarter choice? July 25, 2017 Jannik Peters 39 Comments With the Sony A6500, Sony has entered the terrain of semi-professional crop cameras. and Leica. Re: Leica vs Sony In reply to terryreid • Sep 23, 2017 I have limited experience of both - Sony A7Rii that I replaced with a Leica Q, which I then got rid of to go back to the A7Rii. Here is the entire scene (I’ve added the numbers with red circles): Canon and Nikon vs. Nikon D810 vs. Sony A7 ii with a Mamiya 645 80mm f/1. Mar 21, 2017 Leica M10 vs Leica M9 vs Fujifilm S5 Pro - A Comparison of Digital Rendering with Vintage and Modern Lenses Mar 21, 2017 Mar 14, 2017 Quick Comparison: Two Generations of Leica 28mm Lenses - Summilux, Summicron, and Elmarit Mar 14, 2017 Sony a7R vs. 4 ZA Distagon it is still a significantly smaller and lighter lens. By: Douglas Herr. Sony Alpha 6000 vs. 8 x 23. The 7Artisans 35mm f/2 lens for Leica M-mount will be available also in silver. As a general rule, the bigger the sensor, the better the image quality. p. Each costs the same, each is a very recent design, and each is typical of what real photographers actually shoot today. Be sure to leave a comment at the end of this review with your thoughts on the Leica Q, this Leica Q review, or switching to a mirrorless camera in general. sony vs leica The Leica T costs more than the likes of the Sony Alpha and the Hasselblad Lunar costs as much as a car Gizmag compares the specs of the Leica T and Hasselblad Lunar luxury mirrorless cameras Nikon Z7 vs. Live TV from 60+ channels. Sony Made a 100MP and 6K Full-Frame Sensor for Consumer Cameras. Find out which one has the best Landscape score ! The Sony A7II offers me a camera body that has image stabilization with my Leica lenses, as well as an excellent sensor that can handle low light and high ISO better than any Leica rangefinder on the market. Louis Ferreira. Trackbacks are closed, but you can post a comment . So, in fairness, it could replace the Leica 50mm – being only slightly bigger. Sony is probably the worst for simplicity, Fujifilm is ‘moderate’ (their older camera menus were bloated, but It seems the MC-21 EF mount adapter for the Panasonic S1 will have a number of limitations compared to the MC-11 including no video AF whatsoever, so I urge the companies to work as closely as possible together to fix this and really nail performance vs the Sony A7 III, as much as can be achieved without a phase-detect AF system. As you can see, the Leica SL body isn't that much bigger than the Sony A7R II - it's the Leica SL 24-90mm f/2. Leica TL2 vs Sony A6500 Sign in to follow this . Sensors can vary greatly in size. 9. 8 3. 8 lens. 95 lens. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are Sony A7 ii with a Mamiya 645 80mm f/1. Continuous Shooting Speed. 50mm Loxia vs 55mm FE and vs 50mm Leica. However I control my limit with the size of my dry cabinet so if I want to play with new toy I have to sell the old ones. It’s the latest in the series of cameras that Sony originally called NEX (the company will retire that name now), and it’s Mega shootout (best of the best): Sony, Leica, and Phase One comparison by Onasj. We were using the Sony cameras for video, so as I often do, I was shooting stills with the Leica. Also, it was thought that the Zeiss connection with Sony would run opposite to Leica’s with Panasonic. September 5, 2018. 8 is a lens I use all the time. Leica M10: A classic reinvented. This entry was posted in Sony RX1R II and tagged Fuji X100, Fuji X100F, Fuji X100S, Fuji X100T, Fujifilm X100, Fujifilm X100F, Leica Q, Leica Q Typ 116, Sony RX1RII, Zeiss ZX1. 8-4 zoom lens that was launched alongside the SL camera which really skews the comprison between the two systems. Price and Buying Links Using Leica Lenses With the Sony Alpha 7, Alpha 7R. LensHero compares the Sigma 18-35mm f/1. The M is the only true full-frame digital rangefinder on the market, which offers a unique shooting experience unlike any other camera. Sony a7S vs. It's in the top 3 bestselling digital cameras and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Sony RX100 VI or Sony DSC-RX100/B . watch posted their side by side comparison of Sony a9 vs Sony a7RII. 2 #1 · Sony A7RII with leica standard M lenses? I also have GAS and have owned M9, M240, A7S, A7ii, A7Rii. M240 Last Updated on March 5, 2019 Leica, which was founded in 1849, is a German camera manufacturer with a long history of producing the high-end film and digital cameras as well, as excellent camera lenses. Re: Leica cl vs Sony a7iii Originally Posted by Paratom If anyone is interested in the "value" of the S 70mm I suggest to take some images with the lens and look at the images rather surfing on ebay. Key differences include: screen size, screen resolution, live view, screen flips out, true resolution and weather sealed Comparison of Leica Q and Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1R II based on specifications, reviews and ratings. Sony A6500 vs. As far as I know , all the rest of Leica-R lenses will not have problems on Sony cameras. Everyone Else: Buying Your First DSLR. Camera wars: iPhone 7 vs $4,250 Leica Q. Size and Weight Sony RX1 is smaller and lightweight compared to Leica X vario. Such is the case when comparing two full-frame compacts: the Leica Q and the Sony RX1R II . Leica M. which is over a stop better than the Leica M10 and the Sony A6300 Many Leica users think the Zeiss ZM is too big and also too heavy, but compared to the native Sony/Zeiss FE 35mm 1. Summarit? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > dhbebb. Leica SL (Typ 601) Milled from two solid blocks of aluminum and packed with the latest and greatest in imaging technology, the Leica SL (Typ 601) is a full-frame mirrorless camera ushering in the new, professional Leica experience. LEICA VS SONY VS KAMLAN We at the cringe worthy levels here when we state that we know that the Sony is a tested 1. Verdict: Based on Specification Comparison review, we highly Recommend you to buy Sony RX1 . Here’s a shot of the two cameras side by side, both with compact Voigtlander lenses. Hi Jordan, Sony marketing Spain has lend me a Sony Alpha 7s for a whole week with a 35mm. Edited August 5, 2015 by barjohn The Sony does not have an OVF and auto focusing tends to be a slow task compared to other cameras. Resolution: Sony A7RII vs. See all comparison images at Flickr. Comparison of Leica Q and Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 based on specifications, reviews and ratings. 8 2. Cancel anytime. Leica news, before it happens. Tweet. Learn why after years of using Nikon and Canon dSLRs, Adam switched to the mirrorless system, then on to the Leica Q as his camera of choice. One Journey, Two Cameras: The Sony A7r and the Leica M Monochrom. Read the full SonyAlphaRumors privacy and Here is the Leica 50mm, sandwiched between the Sony 50mm f1. By Greg Scoblete. This adapter has a lens element that concentrates the medium format image circle down to the size of a 24x36mm sensor of the Sony A7 cameras with a 0. Leica D-LUX 7 is a very popular and one of the most expensive options. 0MP Full frame (36 x 24 mm ) sized CMOS sensor and features Maestro II processor. The body is milled from a block of aluminium, while the Sony's body is magnesium alloy. To take advantage of the lightweight on-the-go body, the α7-series of full frame compact interchangeable lens digital cameras is fully compatible with Sony's E-mount lens system and expanded line of E-mount compact and lightweight full-frame lenses from Carl Zeiss and Sony's premier G-series. 8 LS BR lenses. 4 and 35mm f1. We use cookies to increase the functionality of our website and to simplify your visit to our website. 2 #1 · p. Dynamic range test: Panasonic S1R vs the Sony A7rIII April 2, 2019 Is the full-frame Leica Q (Typ 116) really worth its £2,900 premium price compared to the £840 Fujifilm X100T? with cameras like the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 The two Zeiss lenses have good edge to edge sharpness with relatively little field curvature. Fujifilm X-Pro2 vs Leica M: Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery? Feb 18, 2017. The IQ of the Rx1 is outstanding, though, so I don't miss my M9+35/2 ASPH that I sold last week, since I've generally been a single prime kind of guy, anyways. Sony Alpha 6300. 6% based on over 6,100 reviews. Key differences include: screen size, screen resolution, live view, screen flips out, weather sealed and autofocus We’re Heather and Mat from MirrorLessons and this is our mirrorless comparison website. 2MP 2. I’ve always found DPREVIEW ‘s studio comparison tool useful when evaluating cameras for resolution. Jason Howe. 8 Tele-Elmarit. A user from Chinese forum mclassic posted several images taken by new Sony A7R and Leica M Typ 240. Sony a7riii with 85/1. Does this make me want to sell my Leica? Note: You are comparing sensors of very different generations. Overall I think it’s a good move from Leica not to make a direct Sony rival, size wise, they Leica CL vs Sony NEX - side by side In the last post I wrote about how similar the Leica CL and Sony NEX seemed to be. Share. Summicron vs. You can rent. Additional Info. Leica D-LUX (Typ 109) vs. 8% based on over 12,000 reviews, where as the average brand rating for Fujifilm is 83. Leica vs other cameras . A lot of people have been wondering whether the Fujifilm X-Pro1 can take a piece of the action away from the Leica M series, more specifically the M8 or M9. But it is a contrast detection system only. about Sony E 50mm f/1